Discover how to learn Portuguese in a practical way

Learning a new language has never been so easy and fun. That story of being locked in a classroom looking at the picture while the teacher writes is a thing of the past. Now, you can learn to speak a new language by enjoying your vacation in a different country.

In Brazil, for example, there is a course in the city of Rio de Janeiro called Rio and Learn that works exactly with this type of approach in teaching Portuguese to foreigners. The Portuguese language is considered one of the most difficult in the world to learn, so it is fundamental that you find ways to facilitate this process and studying in a course focused on experiencing, you will achieve this.

 Learn portuguese in rio

Talk to people who live in the city, visit the tourist spots, enjoy the beaches and the rich culture while you Learn portuguese in rio de janeiro. The course Rio and Learn is in Copacabana beach, one of the most famous in the whole world, and they have specific classes and prices depending on your purpose.

You can have private or group classes, from Monday to Friday or on the day you prefer. By accessing the Rio and Learn course website, you can check all sorts of classes and packages that you will find in this course, so you can choose the best option at the best price.

That way, you’ll learn a lot more while you’re on vacation here in Rio de Janeiro without losing all that the city has to offer in terms of culture, fun and leisure. Access Rio and Learn website and get all your questions about teaching methodology, lessons and values. You will definitely find the ideal course for your profile so you can you learn to speak Portuguese.